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Producers Succeed

Virtual Kombucha Summit 2020
November 16 - 22, 2020

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About Virtual Kombucha Summit

From conversations with hundreds of Kombucha producers, we know how challenging it can be to build a sustainable Kombucha brand and business. Kombucha Summit is here to provide a knowledge exchange and networking platform for Kombucha producers from around the world and help them succeed.

After the tremendous success of the first edition in 2019 with 263 attendees from 30+ countries, we will host a Virtual Kombucha Summit this year due to COVID-19. This will be a 7-day online conference with a lot of experts talks & discussions, workshops, peer-to-peer networking and general knowledge exchange. We hope to see you online!

What to Expect

What you can expect from participating at the Virtual Kombucha Summit.

Network With Other Producers

Interact with other commercial Kombucha producers and build long-lasting relationships.

Online Expert Talks

Access all expert talks on your own schedule throughout the whole week.


Interact live with all experts and get your questions answered.

Hands-on Workshops

Learn from experts about subjects like packaging, production and science.

Community Access

Get access to KS's private online network and keep in touch with Kombucha producers from around the world.

Interact with Industry Experts & Partners

Get the chance to interact with industry experts as well as partners and ask them all of your questions.


Our amazing speakers at Virtual Kombucha Summit 2020 and what they will talk about. We'll be announcing more speakers along the way!

Tadeusz Zagrabinski

Tadeusz Zagrabinski

Co-Founder, Bärbucha Kombucha

The history of Kombucha. What do we really know?
A talk about the origins of Kombucha and how it spread globally over time.

Eric & Line

Line Hoff & Eric Sponseller

Founders, Læsk Kombucha

Founder Talk
The commercial scale-up of a glass jar production – the Læsk story.

Thierry Tran

Thierry Tran

PhD Candidate in Food Sciences

Sensory Quality of Kombucha: the Role of Chemical Composition and Ways to Control it.
The link between sensory components of Kombucha and its chemical composition to help control the quality of the final product.

Freya Twigden

Freya Twigden

Founder, Fix8 Kombucha

Founder Talk
Producing fully authentic Kombucha in a crowded market – the Fix8 story.

Lisa & Alana

Lisa & Alana Macfarlane

Founders, The Gut Stuff

The Role of the Gut
Understanding our microbiome and the role of fermented foods.

Thomas Durant

Thomas Durant

Director of Production, Mannanova

Building your Brewery
How to plan and build your own Kombucha brewery.

Matthew Hoyle

Matthew Hoyle

Head of Production, The London Fermentary

Aeration methods in Kombucha production.
How to use aeration methods for Kombucha production.

Kara Taylor

Kara Taylor

Head of Laboratory Operations, White Labs



Our partners for Kombucha Summit 2020.


Exact time slots will be released closer to the event. Live sessions are held in the afternoon in Europe, so participants from the US or Asia have a chance to participate as well. The Kombucha Summit online network will be able for access from day 1 onwards. All expert talks are pre-recorded and become available on day 1 as well. For most expert talks, there will be an according AMA (Ask Me Anything) session for you to ask all of your questions.


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About Us

Meet the team behind Kombucha Summit.

Rupert Hoffschmidt & Fabio Carlucci

Founders of ROY Kombucha

We opened our own Kombucha brewery in the summer of 2019 in Berlin and have been experiencing the needs and challenges of Kombucha brewers first hand. As former event and community builders in our previous careers, we felt a format like Kombucha Summit was missing. Bringing the whole industry together to learn from each other and network is what we set out to do, with the goal of helping each other and the Kombucha market succeed.


Stay informed about speaker announcements & industry news.